Clee Magazine

4 Issues Annually. Special Editions.


This is not a static magazine, it is one that is interactive and needs to be explored to get the best reader experience. Look for the video, audio, fade-ins, pop-ups and the pulsating hearts that reveal stuff you don’t initially see on the pages. Plus, the pages are loaded with both viewable and invisible links (invisible links can be on logos, products or just on the page). Don’t turn the pages too fast or you might miss them!

Clee strives to go beyond the ordinary with high impact content, big on photography and rich on interactive elements, so with each issue it is going to only get better and more fun.

Other tips:

Need to "zoom" in?  You can do that with the mouse scroll. 

Need to get to a page quickly?  Click on the gray bar at the top of page, click box to the left of page counter 1/91 and pages will drop down. You can scroll to the page you want and then click on it. Voila!